Agios Merkourios Beach is a unique combination of azure waters and round pebbles, on an endless beach

The beach of Agios Merkourios is an extension of Mourtéri Beach and ends at the rock of Kefala, which also gives its name to the right end of the beach.

The waters of the beach are crystal clear with pebbles, sand, and scattered rocks on the seabed, while outside there is fine pebble and sand for you to spread your towels.

For those who get hungry or thirsty at the beach, there are two snack bars that offer not only coffee, ice cream, and drinks but also souvlaki and possibly some traditionally cooked dishes.

The beach is quite large, and you will definitely find a spot to relax, but unfortunately, the only shaded areas are the two rocks at the edges of the beach and the umbrellas at the snack bars. On crowded days, it may be difficult to find a place under the rocks, so it would be good to bring at least one umbrella with you.