Come to Kymi and create beautiful memories.

Whether you are a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or a beachgoer, the combination of sea, mountain, and local history in Kymi and its villages is sure to enchant you.


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Choose the beach that suits you

If you are a beach lover, the vast coastline of Kymi offers beaches for every taste. With sand or pebbles, few people, lots of people, or even deserted. With rocks for diving or marine parks for swimming, or not swimming at all. Organized beaches to bring you a cold coffee in your hands or completely unorganized so you can bring your own coffee from home. Whatever else your heart desires, will be surely found on one of the numerous beaches in the area..

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Excursions – Strolls

Excursion to Vromonera

One of the most beautiful excursions, in all seasons, for mountain and nature lovers. In a lush landscape filled with fir trees lies the plain of Vromonera, ideal for picnics with family or friends.

Stroll to the Santa’s Mill

Excursion to Lake Setta

Excursion to the waterfall in Manikia

Walk to the fount of Kolethra

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Sports activities, hiking and excursions, dances and festivals, theater performances, exhibitions, and whatever else is going to take place in Kymi and its villages can be found in the event calendar on our website.

While you are in Kymi

try the wonderful local products of Kymi, such as the internationally renowned PDO figs, the exceptional honey, trahana, dairy products, and many other specialties made by local producers in the region.

And don’t forget before you leave

to shop for “koukoularika kantra,” handicrafts made from silkworm cocoons, as well as local traditional sweets such as Kymi’s baklava, known for its thousand layers, and almond- based treats before you leave.