The acropolis of ancient Kymi is located on the volcanic hill of Agios Nikolaos, known today as “Kastri.” The earliest traces of settlement in Kastri date back to the Neolithic period (4th millennium BCE). The settlement is surrounded by a strong defensive wall made of irregularly shaped stones.

During excavations, a metallurgical kiln, pottery, clay loom weights (agnythes), clay figurines, fragments of millstones, bronze coins, small metal objects, stone votive offerings, inscribed pottery shards, and inscribed stones with symbols or letters were found, although their interpretation remains problematic.

Furthermore, a wealth of bronze coins was discovered, most of which belong to the Euboean League and date back to the 3rd century BCE.

Since the path to the hill may not be in good condition, you can visit the Archaeological Collection in Ano Potamia (location on Google Maps) by appointment. The collection houses all the archaeological finds from the Kastri hill.

Location on Google Maps: Click here
Contact numbers for the Archaeological Collection: 2222071545 και 2221022402