The Emerald Lake of Evia

Thapsa is a beach for groups of friends who like to wake up in the morning and load their jeep or rural vehicle with umbrellas, sunbeds, towels, inflatable sea toys, rackets, balls, backgammon, food, and anything else they need to spend a whole day (and more) on a truly magnificent beach!

At the beach bar, you can rent a canoe or a pedal boat and explore the nearby small beaches on your own or with friends.

Unfortunately, the road is not accessible to everyone because the last seven kilometers are quite rough, with steep slopes. Those who do not own a jeep will have a hard time getting there.

Lastly, for those who do not enjoy crowds, it is best to go early or late in the summer. This is because Thapsa has become known to many people, and July-August can get very crowded.