A vast and cosmopolitan beach at the foothills of Mount Dirfis

It is the most famous beach in Evia and one of the largest, which gets extremely crowded during the summer despite its size. If you don’t enjoy crowded places, it’s better to visit it at the beginning or end of the summer.

There are several rocky areas along the beach that provide natural shade, as well as organized beach bars with umbrellas where you can relax. At the beginning of the beach, there is a snack bar if you get hungry, and towards the end, there are two or three taverns for meals.

After the large rock at the end of the beach, there is a small nudist beach for those who prefer to go without swimsuits. However, even there, during July and August, you won’t find a free spot.

For those who enjoy hiking and exploration, at the end of the nudist beach, there is a path leading to another smaller beach called Damianos. Besides its beautiful waters, it also has a huge cave that can be accessed either from the sandy beach or from the sea.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of kayaking, I would recommend going to Damianos beach and exploring all the nearby beaches and caves. Trust me, it’s worth it.