The crag ‘Grundschule’ is located 4,5km west of the village of Taxiarches, at the area where the small church of Prophet Elias is built and called ‘Isomata’ by the locals.

It is at an altitude of 470m at the slopes of the mountains, things that make the spot very cool and is suitable for free camping. The rock is in the shade almost all day long, it consists of compact limestone of grey colour with large texture and has an overall hight of 13m.

The routes offer pleasant climbing during the seasons without too much cold weather, and they follow the natural lines of the wall. It is an ideal choice for someone to train people into rock climbing, as well as for amateur climbers. The main developer of the crag is Jens Gerhardt.

Parking: 38°35’44.8″N 24°02’57.5″E

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Photos and text from: ClimbinKymi