The church of Virgin Mary Liaoutsianissa is renowned for the templon and ambo created by Ioannis Chalepas, a marble sculptor from Tinos, and father of Giannoulis Chalepas. It is dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos, was built in 1849, and has been declared a protected monument since 1965.

According to tradition, due to a shipwreck, a considerable amount of timber was washed ashore at the location of Mavra Litharia beach. Every night, the residents saw a light floating in this area, but it would disappear when approached. During the day, many people went to this place to collect the timber.

Two servants of the Venardis and Nikolaesa families, who had gone with their animals for this purpose, started gathering wood. When the servant of Nikolaesa began to collect wood and struck a square piece of timber with his axe, his hands could no longer move. The other servant, seeing him with his hands raised, ran to see what was happening. Overwhelmed with fear, he took the strange piece of wood and noticed that it was an image of Virgin Mary. They immediately transferred the icon to the church of Saint Athanasios in Kymi. However, miraculously, the icon of Virgin Mary left the church.

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