In Kymi, you can find the house where the internationally renowned physician Georgios Papanikolaou was born and raised. He invented the Papanikolaou test, also known as the Pap test, which revolutionized the field of cytology and diagnostic gynecology, preventing cervical cancer by detecting it at an early stage.

Many consider the Pap test to be the most important discovery of the 20th century for cancer, as it saves 70% of women worldwide from cervical neoplasms by detecting them in an early stage.

He was born in Kymi on May 13, 1883, and was the son of physician Nikolaos G. Papanikolaou, who also served as the mayor and member of parliament of Kymi.

The ancestral home, where he spent his early years, has been acquired by the Municipality and is currently undergoing restoration to house a future museum dedicated to the life and work of the great researcher. A few meters away, in Kymi’s central square, you can find his bust.

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